Weird batch error when working with reg.exe


basically I am having a weird issue when I try to use a batch file to pull a bit of text from a text file - I try and turn it into a variable and then write that variable to the value of a registry key. It's fairly straight forward but when I execute the file, the reg part completely ignores the variable (the key ends up having /f in it, instead of what I want). See below.

Because it's xwowvar, not wowvar

Because it's xwowvar, not wowvar

Apologies, that must have been when I was putting it in here - it made no difference.

Can you upload your TXT file here, the exact one you are using?

I suspect it may not have normal Windows end of line (EOL) syntax, and may have either just a single carriage return, or a single line feed at the end of a line.


See attached.

Ah, that's a unicode file, so you can try this.

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