What services control the display on Windows Server?

I have been experiencing weird responses on my server desktop . The Icons disappear . The start menu shows up out of place and the mouse clicks seem weird . The screen updating is erratic. I would like to know what services can be restarted remotely to resolve this . I am accessing though remote web workplace. I am trying to do everything short of rebooting the server itself .

video card driver usually -- requires a reboot of the physical machine. could also be a memory problem.

video card driver usually -- requires a reboot of the physical machine. could also be a memory problem.

Double check the resolution/. set when accessing the RWW.

Your profile uses roaming and folder redirection?
You may have a share where the items are stored that is out of sync, or is pointing to the wrong location such that when the target is this server, your redirected items disappear after desktop refresh.

If it were a memory issue what would i need to do or service i can restart to release the memory instead of rebooting the server?

You should check the event log if not done already to see if there are any events there that might shed light on the issue.
It is hard to understand what you are seeing/experiencing. Try to lower the color/screen size/resolution of your RWW and see if that makes a difference.

I think it is memory related because it shows up no matter where i RWW from . It even appears when RDP from another workstation inside the network to the server .
Note this is only affecting the server display .
I am not onsite so I cannot tell how the screen looks when I am in front of it .

The screen displays change in response to mouse movements but in unexpected ways .
Ex: If you run your mouse over the start menu in the lower left side . Some menu items will show up halfway up the left side of the screen. The mouse pointer and the actual area selected are several inches away from each other . The task bar which is supposed to show minimized apps on the lower part of the screen appear black but the wording will appear on the upper part of the screen .. Desktop icons will appear with a black box over them and may appear with movement of the mouse .
Event log shows nothing .
I am thinking this is a memory issue because if you manage to somehow click on an app. It will launch but the display will randomly be blocked with grey squares and the desktop display will change color to black. Please see the attached file .
I am hoping to resolve this without an onsite visit .

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