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We have setup a variety of W2012 R2 Host running Hyper-V that house various W2012 virtual clients. As part of our setup we always keep the Host on a workgroup and never join in to the local domain. In one particular setup we have been asked to join the Host to the domain

Can anyone provide a kb article as to whether or not it is a good practice to join a W2012 Host to a domain?

I don't have a specific kb but I join my hosts to the domain without issue.

I don't have a specific kb but I join my hosts to the domain without issue.

Microsoft invested a lot of resources in making it safer to join hyper-V hosts to a domain in 2012 and beyond. I am unaware of any single KB article, but the various notes are spread across the "what's new" documents for various roles. It is considered by most to be a safe practice with 2012 and 2012 R2 now.

Thomas and Cliff - Thank you both. I am going to research a bit more as the site that this project applies to is asking us for documented confirmation.

Am I correct in thinking that your Hyper-V session to the virtual clients works in a normal fashion?

If it matters any....we already have the virtual clients up and running and now they are asking us to join the host to the domain

Joining the host to the domain allows the server to be managed centrally, group policy, etc. It doesn't directly impact VMs on its own.

Hey! I'm guessing you want more of the security aspect of it

Now here's a why it would be a bad idea for that windows 2012 r2 server to be a DC

a different one ->

Here's one from Microsoft ->

And finally one about windows 2012 having Active directory running on it -
:) let me know if this helped

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