windows 7 backup stopped working on windows 7 64 bit

Windows backup ran on the machine successfully. Now when I try to start it using the control panel there is no response. I also tried typing windows backup in the command line which brought up the icon but clicking it did nothing. I saw on google that some said it might be solved by changing the service from manual to automatic that it might work but that didn't help either. The task does seem to come up in the command prompt but it would be difficult for the user to use. How can windows backup be reactivated again?

I looked in event viewer and could not find anything related to backup. I did a system restore and it didn't help. I ended up installing Macrium Reflect for home and it works so I am not going to try to fix windows backup.

dovidf --
Try a System Restore to a time when Backup last worked correctly.

Have you tried rebooting the pc, that may seem logical, but it sounds like the app had crashed and restarting the computer and relaunching the app may solve the problem.

I rebooted and it didn't help.

try running sfc, or a repair install : REPAIR SFC

The user took back the computer so I was not able to work on it. I think at this point it may not pay to try to reactivate Windows 7 backup since I am charging for the time involved. It pays for him to buy Macrium Reflect home and we should be able to get that to work.

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