windows file server get reboot randomly

Hi, All:
I have a windows 2008 server got rebooted during nights or daytime randomly. We changed the disk controller but the issue still exists. There is a "bugCheck" error from the event log file. The eventID is 1001.

I also saw the memory.dmp dump file saved under c:windowsmemory.dmp , do I need analyze the dump file?

Please advise how to find the root cause of this random reboot. thanks.

Based on what I looked at it could be a driver needing update or an antivirus issue. Some times the tool doesn't quite identify the other failing module. I would try updating the drivers on the server and validating any unnecessary services and startup programs from running (good ole msconfig). make sure your hard disks are good. Maybe run a chkdsk if you suspect disk issues. What model of server are you running?

If you have more crashes check the utility again it may give you more insight.

I use a tool called Blue Screen View to help me determine where it is failing.

Then I see what file is causing the crash and sometimes a quick Google search of the error and the files can get you the information you need to possibly fix. Personally I am not one to be able to read the dump file myself, so I use that tool to do it for me.

normally you need to analyse the crashdump file to get to the bottom of this problem. Follow this web link for further information

I would not open the dump file (memory.dmp). The size of this file is about 9.3 GB.

Please see the copy screen for detail.

Do you have it set to complete memory dump? I would switch it to kernel memory dump and analyze after the next crash.

Yes, I did set it up as complete memory dump, that is why the dump file is so big. I already changed it to minidump, Is it possible to get valueble information from this big dump file?


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