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Please provide me with a complete list of Windows shortcut keys that can be used to do things such as maximizing, minimizing, and moving windows as well as opening commonly used Windows functions such as the run dialog box, Windows Explorer, etc.

Since one of your Topics is Windows 8, here's the list for W8.1:

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This is a good site. It gives you shortcuts for all windows machine. From xp->windows 8

Here are a couple more I don't think I saw on those lists are:Alt-Spacebar-M: move active window
Alt-Spacebar-S: re-size active window

Backspace: Go back to previous page in Internet Explorer
Shift+Backspace: Go forward to next page in Internet Explorer (will only work if you have gone back a page or more)
Tab: Go to next item
Shift+Tab: Got to previous item

Windows Logo + R: Run
Windows Logo + E: Open Windows Explorer
Windows Logo + L: Lock Windows
Windows Logo + M: Minimize all windows
Windows Logo + D: Minimize/Restore all windows

Unlike WinLogo+M, WinLogo+D will switch you between the desktop & all open Windows, so you can toggle back & forth between them. Hitting WinLogo+M will just minimize everything, but won't bring anything back up if you hit that again.

ALT+F4: Close active window or app, will bring up log off prompt for Windows if "focus" is on taskbar or desktop

This page has some Windows Explorer-specific shortcuts such as "ALT+Up Arrow" to go up one level in Explorer:

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