Windows Updates Fail to Install

I run W7 Pro Sp1 64 bits. My Windows Update ultility had not worked since Sep, 2014. I attemped to resolve this by running the MS Fixit utility ( and SFC /scannow as administrator. Some updated downloaded but most failed.

I then restores my OS and software to its state in Aug 2014 using the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery utilty. Windows Update now runs, then asks me to restart, after the restart it has not however installed any updates. Please see attached two screenshots.

All suggestions gratefully received.

Given what you have done, now it is time consider to consider a Windows 7 Repair Install. You need a working recovery partition or a Windows 7 DVD. Here is a Seven Forums Tutorial to assist you.

Tail the windowsupdate.log as well as any event log that could shed light what the issue is. Check for a conflict between the updates and what might be required update/app.

Your images are not helpful in the pursuit of determining the cause.

What other applications are installed on the system.

Are you able to install an update at a time?

Go to the Microsoft Update Troubleshooter site and run the FIxIt there or the manual steps.

After that, open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, close out and now shut down, start up and test.

Please let us know.

Thank you both.
John - I try the Fixit utility and SFC again
Arnold - I am attaching the W Update Log. I was running Outlook and web browsers only (with Norton Anti Virus)

Also run the System Update Readiness tool:

I have implemented all reccomended measures but without apparent success. I am attaching the windowsupdate.log only for the most recent update event. I would very much appreciate your conclusions. Please note the the log states that I declined the installation of an update. This is not accurate.

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