Printer drivers under Windows 7 (64-bit)

As I understand it, Windows Updates is supposed to have a large amount of drivers for the Windows 7 (64-bit) environment. I've looked online and I can't seem to find the actual install for these drivers. Is there such an install? I wanted to mainly just install this and can't seem to find.

These would be in an HP and Dell environment.

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

They are all a bunch of .inf files mostly - I seem to recall. If you want to pre-download them instead of waiting for windows update to search online all the time, you can get them from the Microsoft Update Catalog site. You must use Internet Explorer.

There are separate files for 64bit and 32bit. If you download the file for HP Laser 4000 you will get all the HP Laserjets.


Just tried this link and I think I like it.

These drivers work, but for extra functionality you are usually better off with drivers direct from the manufacturer.
It will vary from model to model, and manufacturer to manufacturer, but often extra functions such as private print, or accessories such as extra trays or duplex units are often not detected, because these ar e"bare bones " installs.
Worse, sometimes the model is incorrectly identified.
At best, they are a "quick and dirty" install.

not sure if this is what you want : they are in windows updates>optional updates

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