VBS script not working on windows 7 64 bit

Hi all I have a script that worked great to clear out a file with XP and windows xp
and works great on servers when run for a 2003 server

Im trying to modify it to work on windows 7 64bit as we have an autocad virus multiplying and I need to crush it on end users machines, now i just dabble in code and grab some from sites but this has been great in the past see code below however when I run it one windows 7 64 bit it errors out and says like 10 character 3

Permission denied

Any help would be great so I dont have to manually search each machine in our office

Post a screen shot of the error you're having.

Post a screen shot of the error you're having.

Here you go

Definitely need a screen shot of your error message - your script works fine on my Win8 x64 system.

Are you running as an administrator? Try that. Your issue appears to be NTFS permissions based, not script based. The user running this does not have appropriate access to the path you are looking at.

What is the Windows system drive, C: or D:?


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