what happened to My Topics list

in windows 7, i made a topic list for the topics i wanted to follow, and answer the questions in it.
i just installed a windows 8.1 PC, and cannot find my old topics list

how can i make it show up again?

thanks in advance

btw - i hate windows 8 - every screen disappears, and you have no way how to get it back, except start afresh

Nobus - For your new Windows 8.1 system, here is a "strategic" plan.

1. Make sure it is Windows 8.1 Pro and fix that first if necessary.
2. Find your Desktop Icon in Metro. Get to the Windows Desktop.
3. Make sure in Control Panel, Folder Options that you can see all folders (except hidden system).
4. Set Navigation to start up in Desktop.
5. Make sure (if you can) that you can make the new Toolbar for Programs. (Strange this one).
6. Put all the icons you mainly use each day on the desktop. This is important. I have 3 columns of icons.
7. Make a folder on the Desktop called Misc. Programs. In here, place shortcuts for lesser used programs.
8. Make sure Desktop and Programs (above) are active Toolbars. These will show up on the Taskbar on the right side.

Now EVERYTHING on your PC is available either on the Desktop or as a flyout from Desktop or Programs.

/Thinkpads_User treads most carefully :)

One thing occurs to me is to make sure you are using Desktop IE and not Metro IE. Desktop IE11 works very similarly to Windows 7 IE11.

I hope this helps a fellow expert.

well - that would solve my problem John, but tell me how to use the desktop IE, or set it up it will always be used please ?

also, what do you mean with "Thinkpads_User treads most carefully :)

i looked at your article, and could not find a taskbar on startup to right click
can you explain that a bit?
===>>> " Right click on the Taskbar and select Properties to see the Taskbar and Navigation properties screen"

what do you mean with "Thinkpads_User treads most carefully :)

This is Community Support and generally Netminder does not want us answering questions here.

Right click on the Taskbar and select Properties to see the Taskbar and Navigation properties screen"

This is to start Windows 8 in Desktop mode (and not Metro).

On my computer (and the couple of Windows 8 Pro machines I have set up), go to the Desktop, right click on the taskbar brings up a context menu (toolbars, task manager, .... AND properties). Properties should be there. Select Properties, Navigation Tab and follow my article.

Then: "How to use Desktop". In Metro, there is an icon marked Desktop. It may be small and you may have to look for it, but it will be there. Click on Desktop and land in the desktop. I make the Desktop Icon double size and put it at the top left.

this saves me an answer for both "ah that's what you meant " lol
now i can follow it

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