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In Windows 8.1 how can I place an icon for PowerShell on my desktop?


Sorry...missed that you're on W8...those are W7 instructions. I use Classic Shell in my W8 systems, so I'm not very familiar with the Metro interface, but these steps should work in W8:
Hover in the upper right to get the Search icon

Type power in the Apps box and you'll see Windows PowerShell on the left

Right-click it

You'll see Open file location on the bottom

Click it

You'll now see a folder on the desktop with the PowerShell shortcut in it

Right-click it and select Copy

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Paste

That should do it. Regards, Joe

Update: If you want it pinned to Start or the Taskbar, select that instead of Open file location in the 4th step.

Right click the icon -> Sent to -> Desktop (create shortcut)

Create a shortcut with following path (Which is default for PowerShell)..

Hi Steve,

Here's the procedure:
Start menu
All Programs
Windows Power Shell (the group)
Windows Power Shell or Windows Power Shell (x86) (whichever one you want on the desktop)
Click anywhere on your desktop and hit Ctrl-V (Paste)

That should do it. Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,
I'm in 8.1. Totally blanking out here, when I go to the start menu (the screen with all those big icons for programs) I don't see ALL PROGRAMS. When I right click on the Windows icon, I don't see ALL PROGRAMS. I know I should know better, but drawing a blank.


It's easy to create a ShortCut as I mentioned earlier.. You could just go to Desktop, Right click > New > Select ShortCut

Then copy paste the path which I mentioned in previous post.. Click Next and the Finish..

Or just browse to following path (I guess you have installed the windows in C: drive) and copy the Windows PowerShell shortcut to your desktop...

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsSystem Tools

Let me know if you find any issues..

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