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Hi guys,

I have a strange request from one of my clients. What client want's is to prevent Windows Update to display Skype for Windows desktop 7
as Optional update, when user access Windows update, on Windows 8.1.

Now, he does not want a solution like WSUS, nor to prevent users from installing Skype when it appears in WU, nor to prevent users from using Skype when it maybe install's , they just want to prevent it to show up.
Strange, I know.

Is there a way to maybe populate registry, so that Windows think Skype is installed or some method like that?

Thank you,


I have found solution for this.

Download powershell script, and run •Hide-WUUpdate via GPO or some other way, and it will hide required update.
Set it to run at login or something. There are few other options, but this 1 is really good.

PowerShell rock's :)

Skype does not show up as a Windows Update on my Windows 8.1 machine (optional or otherwise). Skype has its own updater and it does not say "for Windows 7" on my Windows 8.1 machine.

Is this one machine? My guess is the user maybe installed a third party version of Skype or something like that. The situation is not normal.


Skype does show up in Windows 8.1 Enterprise Windows Update. It is kinda new and boring thing :)

This show's up for all Win 8.1 Ent. machines. New build, old build, what ever..

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro, not Enterprise, so maybe it is a function of Enterprise. I have Skype installed, keep it up to date and never seen the update you pointed to.

I have found think article, but it does not work, or I don't know how to make it work..

Any idea?

If the item appears in Windows update, you can right click (or just click) to select it and select hide update. Then you will not see it.

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